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insomaticfashion is underway!

Welcome to isf’s devblog! This blog is about detailing the process of making a tabletop game or two, as well as getting the word out about our games. There are two games being made right now.

The first is Kamui, a game about adventuring in a factionalized, futuristic fantasy world that threatens to literally eat itself alive. It has a powerful combat system designed to emulate the over-the-top action seen in games like Devil May Cry and movies like Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Combined with this is a detailed skill system that treats every skill as a class or profession, with every skill providing trees of abilities and special techniques. The name of the game, Kamui, refers to the mysterious and miraculous energies that allow players the power to change the game as they see fit.

The second is Destiny Quest Adventure Saga: Record of Heroes, a game where players are “Gods of Destiny” who must gather heroes under their banner, then subject them to trials and battles in the hopes they survive long enough to get stronger. Even if they don’t, just grab more heroes from the pool and hope that the new batch of poor sods make the cut. The game is quick enough to play in an hour or less.

Please keep an eye out for new content, and thanks for reading!

-Kyle VP