Hello. My name is Kyle Van Pelt.

insomaticfashion is the label I’m using for the tabletop games I’m making. It is abbreviated as “isf” to make things easier.


My current projects are:

Aggravated Beer Damage, a game about being a drunkard. (Now in PDF format!)

Destiny Quest Adventure Saga: Record Of Heroes, a game about leading some poor starting heroes to their fates.

Kamui, my Magnum Opus about co-directing and co-authoring an anime-like TV show.


Additionally, my current campaigns are:

Chrono Orchestra (Returners FFRPG 3rd Edition): A spiritual sequel to Chrono Cross.

Doublecross (Shadowrun 3rd Edition): A film-noir styled Shadowrun.

Yakuza! (GURPS 4th Edition): A modern-day gunslinging crime game.

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