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Kamui combat playtests upcoming

Hey everyone. The site’s been dormant, but I have not. I’m going to be running some combat playtests soon, and while I’m intending on running them solo, if anyone would like to participate in any fashion, please feel free to let me know. The reason they’re not full playtests is because I don’t have many techniques created in detail that aren’t combat related. One step at a time, right?

What I’m looking for when conducting these tests are:
1. How quickly do characters go down?
2. How much of a difference do high skill/attribute levels make?
3. How well do techniques mesh in combat?
4. Will 20 Action Points suffice for a round of attacks, movements, and defenses?
5. How fast does combat feel?
6. Is the new skill check mechanic superior to the old one?
7. Is armor overpowered when layered? (Example: I have a current character who layers a Psi-Static Aura over a Line Shield over a Yuacite-Weave Plate Carrier with Lodestone inserts.)

Anything else will be posted in the updates later next week.

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